NormaTec Compression Therapy

The NormaTec Compression Therapy Recovery System features a control unit and attachments which go on the legs, arms, or hips. NormaTec Compression Therapy uses a dynamic compression device designed for recovery and rehabilitation. NormaTec’s patented PULSE technology helps athletes recover faster between and after trainings by massaging your limbs and mobilizing fluids. The system uses compressed air and works through a patterned pulsation of the targeted zone, enhancing the movement of fluids and metabolites out of the limbs after intense workouts. NormaTec helps you recover faster between workouts by reducing muscle soreness and improving circulation.

  • Pre-Workout Benefits
  • Increases circulation
  • Reduces muscle stiffness and pain
  • Enhances muscle performance
  • Post-Workout Benefits
  • Reduces blood lactate levels
  • Decreases muscle fatigue for a faster recovery
  • Rehab & Recovery Benefits
  • Reduces swelling and inflammation
  • Prevents delayed-onset muscle soreness
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NormaTec Compression Therapy
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